From the coast to UN

From the coast to UN

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The city of Bahía Blanca is located 636 kilometers south of Buenos Aires Province in Argentina . They will be about 5 or 6 hours away by land before reaching the city center, the second largest on the coast after Argentina Mar del Plata.

In this town was born Nicolas Garcia Mayor a bahiense of 34 who has captivated the country with an invention whose essence is focused , in his words , ” to try to alleviate the pain and suffering of those who have lost everything then of a catastrophe. “

The purpose has managed to capture the attention of international agencies including the United Nations (UN).

A project called CMAX System was devised by Mayor Garcia to be presented as degree work to achieve industrial designer received by the National University of La Plata.

What started as a pass to graduate could become ” a global emergency shelter system that provides immediate response of a living space and health centers for evacuees from natural disasters , wars , outbreaks of pandemics , among other situations complex , “says Garcia Mayor from Bahia Blanca to this newspaper, after being invited by the UN to present their project at the 68 session of the General Assembly of that organization on September 18 .

” The strongest of the project is that it can save many lives around the world and generated a worldwide drive to the response at critical moments. That brotherhood between countries under one flag , which is that of helping others, is also an important part of this dream , “said Nicholas , who works tirelessly for the exhibition with a team of his studio in Bahia Blanca , Ar Studio; friends and family, who support it.


The CMAX System consists of two basic products . A module housing and one drop of the same size containing sanitary cores .

The first module is a combination of a container made ​​of an aluminum and polypropylene , which is deployed by 10 times wider housing space when folded and can shelter a family of up to 10 members .

The second module , with health centers, can provide up to 3 toilets and / or combined with showers . ” According to research by the World Health Organization (WHO ) , in case of disaster , a toilet is needed every 10 people ,” he added .

The shelter can be used to generate a development after floods , tsunamis , earthquakes , cyclones , tornadoes , landslides, droughts, outbreaks of vector or conflicts.

” A prominent use is that you can use as a mobile hospital, installing it in the field of conflict or affected area ,” he added .


12 years ago , when the project was only a requirement for graduation , Nicholas was 21.

By introducing the idea of ​​creating this cabin emergency teachers, called him crazy and he predicted never receive or , at least , would not see him ever developed.

” The suffering of others was the muse . The product emerged after analyzing thousands of collapsible structures , dry and alternative constructions of all kinds. The design was not spontaneous , “says Nicholas, who curiously has never experienced a disaster, this being his first difficulty. That ignorance had to nurture the experience of organizations such as the Civil Defense and the Army of Argentina .

“It’s a product where all human factors are at one end point and you have to have many elements in analysis. I scanned and put together a multidisciplinary team that accompanied the work of almost a year , “recalls Nicholas, who analyzed with all that cast the part of the immediate responses, poscatástrofes psychological trauma , installation in all areas ; ” Different characteristics that need a versatile answer ” and installation and assembly, ” by people of all types and social class,” and logistics.


After a year of work, the CMAX System , named in honor of his younger brother Carlos Maximiliano , was ready. He was awarded by the Chamber of Deputies of the province of Buenos Aires , the Civil Defense of the province of Buenos Aires and is in the National Catalogue of Innovations Argentina .

Despite the honors , there was an investor who is interested in taking the idea of ​​the university to reality , which made ​​him understand the inventor to no avail .

“Seeing everyone praised him , but no one was interested , saddened me . I saw the disaster on television and knew this would greatly improve these situations. I understand it’s not an easy product. Maybe the man thinks that real progress is to have more and better things, is why the efforts of companies are directed toward things that are not elementary . But to a disaster where you lose everything , things change . That unites us pain and need the basics , “he reflects .

After one year he left Spain for work, returned to Argentina in 2007 to rescue the CMAX System , despite rejecting a U.S. offer to develop it further.

Only now , after 12 years of having completed , perceives that “maybe” your idea and be able to carry it forward .


On the initiative of the Argentina Chancellery on 22 May this year , Nicholas and CMAX System participated in the International Forum for the Development of Humanitarian Aid , held in Washington , USA, in which various international organizations met .

The device generated within the forum, interest among aid organizations like the Red Cross and WHO , but also the UN fell in love , since ” to see the presentation and tell them the characteristics of the project, they were shocked with the project , including Rosa Malango , area director of the Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the United Nations ” , he said.

” I told you could tell she had thought with the heart ; they wanted to be partners in the project and invited me to present at the meeting of September 18 , to 193 countries for use worldwide and dignify the lives of refugees. “

The invitation was formalized through an email that Nicholas still has perplexed.

According to the UN Agency for Refugees , in the world ‘s 10 million refugees and 404 000 806 473 000 378 15 million IDPs.

According to Nicholas , the key CMAX System is the joint effort of countries to answer at critical moments.

” The product generates brotherhood and unity to a community using the product across countries. The idea is to be stored in different countries strategically the number of shelters as the population to disasters , through a system and a network that will be hosted in the cloud , you can send through a strategic logistics systematized the amount necessary to evacuate peoples and communities at risk , “says Garcia Mayor.

Anticipates that the cost is similar to a tent , but ” diminish the enormous costs of health inpatient care and post-disaster countries not to give a decent place to shelter residents have .”

The final cost , he says, is not defined, but 4000 would be about $ 100.

One idea that confesses is the God passed in a dream , inspired to heal what caused the wrath of nature , where not only the work of a lifetime lost but also to loved ones , “as well as the great heartbreaks generate inspiration for great songs , tangos and boleros ” associated Nicolás García Mayor, while trying to keep up with representatives from 193 countries who will listen.

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