Diseño for export

Diseño for export

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This is an emergency cabin for evacuated people. It was his graduation thesis in 2003. Argentine Chancellery offered him to exhibit it in a forum where he caught the attention of the UN.

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Still he can not get over his astonishment. Nicolás García Mayor, a young argentine industrial designer, has just been invited by the United Nations (UN) to present a project in which he had been working for years without managing to interest bussinesmen. This is a cabin for emergency evacuation and shelter to victims of natural disasters and wars. Last May, as part of an annual exhibit on humanitarian aid, UN officials who participated in the event were impacted before the project of Nicolás García Mayor. The surprise for the argentine was even greater: the international agency offered him the opportunity to make the product nothing more nor less than presenting the system in the 68th session of the UN General Assembly beginning Sept. 18.

«With this project we can save thousands of lives. I am very happy for that. Unlike rigid trailers that are expensive and tents that have reinforced complications, this cabin is much more flexible, lightweight, movable and durable. Has the additional advantage that is not supported on the ground, has a telescopic legs allow the assembly on any surface. Keep in mind that often are flooded or very cold areas and sleep on the floor is a drama. The carrier can build a single person and up to ten hosts. Disasters often separate large families. This way you can be together and face the disaster otherwise, «explains García Mayor , 34, in a chat with this newspaper.

The Cmax System, name by which the designer named the shelter in tribute to his brother Carlos Maximiliano, is made of polypropylene, aluminum and polyester fabric. Turn, has restrooms modules and additional survival kit.

The product was a design that accompanied the argentine , a native of Bahia Blanca Young , from the beginning of his professional career. To graduate from the National University of La Plata, García Mayor presented the draft of the cabin emergency he had worked for a year as a final thesis. In the product development process , to improve it , consulted the opinion of architects , sociologists , geographers and Civil Defence staff in the province of Buenos Aires. A few weeks of receipt in 2003 , approving the thesis, but still out of work , the industrial designer went to Spain in search of a future that the country had to offer . » He was fighting like several and could not find work . I decided to go and try his luck there. I presented the project at different levels , but always with the idea of ​​returning to the country to help and give a hand from here. I think this design is a great hope for all Argentines, who renews our confidence , «says García Mayor, who returned to Argentina in 2004.

On 22 May this year, the product was able to participate, thanks to the management of the Chancellery of  Argentina, in the International Forum for the Development of Humanitarian done in Washington. In that event, where various international organizations like the UN and Red Cross, emergency cabin received countless praises meet. «UN officials and had asked me if I was offered partnership and be investors. Then they invited me to the opening session of the UN in September. I really can not believe it yet, «says Garcia Mayor. When the sessions of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York, there will be inaugurated García Mayor, exposing your product, before representatives of 193 member countries.

«Companies generally do not consider the field of humanitarian aid. I set out from the beginning is to improve the lives of people, how he could give them some dignity to millions of evacuees that exist today in the world. I think this project will soon be giving a great relief to those affected by disasters and wars, «he says, finally, the creator of the system.

Report: Nicolás Andrada.

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