An argentine stunned the UN with a mobile shelter for natural disasters

An argentine stunned the UN with a mobile shelter for natural disasters

Article in La Nación newspaper.

The man from Bahía Blanca,  Nicolás García Mayor presented an emergency compartment to protect and assist refugees.

He opens his eyes. He can not believe what he sees on the screen. The emotion invades him . An email , the sender : the United Nations (UN). He is asked to expose his project before the UN General Assembly , on 18 September. It took him twelve years since he developed the interior as a final work for his  Industrial Design Degree . His dream , or at least one of them is now closer fulfilled.

The images are repeated . Mayor Nicholas Garcia was 21 when he learned that the final work of his career should have a foundation . «I did not meet me and you , but wanted to leave something for the society ,» says La Nacion . Thus the idea of a mobile shelter emerged .

– I want to make a carrier as a final project emergency to protect and assist victims of natural disasters -le Garcia told his professors at the National University of La Plata

– You’re crazy. You ‘re not more – they answered.

Ignored and , after a year of work, the project was ready, and had a name : Systen Cmax , in honor of his younger brother Carlos Maximiliano . He was awarded numerous times , but no one offered to finance it so that it could actually materialize.

With the title in hand, Garcia traveled to Spain for work, but that destiny already planned even before finishing the race. He held only one year, although he did very well : » I missed my family and my friends,» is sincere .

Back in Argentina , and over time , Garcia was ruling out the possibility that the project saw the green light and then reject, in 2007, an offer from the United States to develop there. She says, her ideal was to do something in the country of his birth .

«I had already dropped arms and even thought that the project did not work ,» he says . The flooding that occurred in the country also caused him » a bit of helplessness » because I knew that something else could be done .

An email from the Argentina Chancellery , which invited him to send a project, change the course . » I sent almost hopeless , just in case ,» he says . At the time it was selected . Then came the trip to Washington on May 22 to Humanitarian Forum . Convinced his idea , and he broke with emotion.

» I went off to mourn . Then the people of Argentina embassy told me that crying had been good, that had impacted the UN . But I left the soul , was very strong I felt. I ‘m not an actor ‘ he says.

The light is now about to change now amarrillo green. » Nervous about talking to representatives of 193 countries No, more emotion ,» he says .


The cabin has a capacity for ten people, can be put on any surface and , above all, is easy to assemble .

» People who are in the rain just wait for them to bring the modules and open the packaging. Habitats Inside the travel blankets and food. Moreover, can be installed in high home and surrounding areas ,» he says .

The Cmax System , has García , is made of polypropylene , aluminum and polyester fabric , and also brings an additional three bathrooms that can be placed in three modules and a survival kit provided with food, water , pencils and notebooks.

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