The man from Bahía Blanca who invented a space to save lives

The man from Bahía Blanca who invented a space to save lives


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«This is a solution to show the world .» The words of Rosa Malango to Nicolás García Mayor, creator of CMAX .

The head of External Relations and Partnerships Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations gaped at the cabin emergency Nicholas designed 12 years and 15 days ago also showed the Pope Francisco (see aside).
Nicholas is in New York yesterday afternoon and told this newspaper details of his meeting with members of the UN who called to explain what is the CMAX .
– I was with representatives of UNICEF ( the UN agency dedicated to the development and protection of children ) . Keep in mind that in the refugee camps for more than 50 % are children who need to return to school, educate , play and have healthcare.
Nicholas says he became interested in habitat use as classrooms for refugees from Syria and Jordan.
– Several people told me «too bad you did not met before , ‘for they are many situations from industrial design that can provide them a huge improvement. I suggested starting a relationship to generate solutions.
Nicholas adds that he showed a collection that make all the years in the design and construction in emergencies.
– And I already asked for CMAX material they put in that book in a special area of innovative practices.
The module presented at the meeting held yesterday at the United Nations (UN ) in New York is made of polypropylene , aluminum and polyester and was developed 12 years ago .
The habitats host up to 10 people can be put on any surface, easily assembled …
– And to have a survival kit with food, water, pencils and notebooks for kids to entertain … Oh, and even the packaging , which is plastic, can serve as a crib, because there are also disasters births Nicholas described .
Contact with the UN came in May this year when the Foreign Ministry invited his company to send some AR Studio project.
– Reactivate the interior project and I commanded. Were selected and then went to Washington, the Humanitarian Aid Forum recalls Nicholas.
– I managed to present the project in English at first and then answers them in Castilian chose Nicholas says about yesterday’s meeting at the UN.
Stresses that the people that the meeting is held in solidarity with the most vulnerable.
– Is prepared super people , very professional in what they do and committed to the lives of others . People very accessible and enjoyable.
And so they did put colorado .
– Some even dare to compare myself to Steve Jobs and the development of the first Mac And they forced me to go see the movie you are going about your life here (Jobs , starring Ashton Kutcher) .
– And now , Nicholas ?
– I am very calm and confident that the way has God’s guidance . And like success to me is being here and fighting for my dreams and that can positively impact the suffering, do not feel pressure. Yes I try to give my full potential professionally .

With Pope

15 days ago, Nicholas lived another extraordinary experience was with Pope Francisco. – I operate the heart – he told «The New Province » . He added : It was very strong. Pope invited me to be with him at the hearing. It gave me a lot of peace , faith and love . And I hugged him a lot.

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